Face the wind - and all the rest of the elements - in comfort and style. Unlock your inner samurai and never wander alone.

With the Yasuo Premium Hoodie, we wanted to find that sweet spot between casual clothing and straight up cosplay. We focused on Yasuo's iconic left arm armor as something with high potential to extend past the normal design of a base hoodie. We didn't want to go overboard with the design, so we left the rest of the details inside the zippered pockets and included a custom neck tag.

Star Guardian is one of our favorite alternate League of Legends fantasies. We wanted to make something extra special that would show our fandom. We came up with this Star Guardian Varsity Jacket, which represents the sporty school lifestyle often seen in our favorite anime, with versatile colors that you can feel confident and cool in wearing out on the streets. We hope you'll love Lux and Jinx in their less kawaii, more kakkoii form as much as we do!

The Worlds - 2017 Destroyer Jacket is a testament to our continued dedication to designing high-quality, fashionable, and comfortable apparel for players. .

The jacket design honors this year's host country with references to Chinese symbolism and iconography, while maintaining a strong connection to the sport of competitive gaming.

The Worlds 2017 Destroyer Jacket features vegan leather sleeves and accents, quilted lining, hidden inside zipper pocket, and a large embroidered back design that took 36,941 needles to craft.